Special Interest

P1080720 Music
The children participate in our music program consistently throughout the year. With the accompaniment of our piano, ukulele and other musical instruments, the children develop skills in rhythm, rhyme, chants, songs, dance, body movement and drama.
P1090154 Gym
The children participate in active/gross motor activities, games and body movement in the Denlow School gym during inclement weather days.
P1080740 Enrichment
Theme parties, cultural celebrations, special guests and events are planned throughout the year to bring a variety of fun and education into the children’s learning experiences.
P1080694 Natural Playground
Our Pre School Playground is designed to promote a fun, interesting and natural environment for our children to play and learn from. A sensory garden, ornamental grasses, a natural grass lawn, bike path, sand box and Henderson Playscape all encourage gross motor activities, exploration, social interactions and FUN! Our staff program our outdoor play activities to complement our weekly Program Objectives.