Admission & Waitlist Policy


Parents who have a child enrolled in DCCC will be asked during the month of January to inform the Executive Director in writing of their childcare needs for the following school year. This includes younger siblings who have reached the required age to enroll in the program. If a parent does not request space during the allotted time frame it will be assumed that care is not required.

No child or family will be discriminated against on the basis of race, language, culture, sex, disability, or sexual orientation.

After completing registration with our current families, the Executive Director will contact families on the waitlist to confirm their desired childcare space.

The Executive Director will arrange an orientation with each new family enrolling a child in DCCC explaining the philosophy of the Centre, reviewing the policies, introducing the program and staff. The child will have an opportunity to play and interact with the children during playroom activity time. The orientation will take place in April and May.

Note: There will be no orientation held during the pandemic.

All families will be required to submit the following cheques for their childcare fees:

a)        First month’s fee for September dated February 1st. This fee is non-refundable should the family child their mind later.

   b)        Last month’s fee for June dated September 1st

   c)        The remaining postdated cheques for the school year (Oct. – May)

Parents with children presently enrolled in the Centre will not be expected to participate in an orientation session with the Executive Director, however they must submit the above cheques in order to secure their child’s space for the following September. Parents must review and make any required changes to any registration information, sign the Parent Contract, Parent Code of Conduct and Arrival/Departure Policy, etc. on an annual basis.

The submitted first month cheque for childcare fees is non-refundable.

• Upon enrollment parents must have completed all registration forms, children’s medical information, permission forms, emergency information and submitted a recent photograph of their child for our files.

• Parents are asked to review all policies in the Parent Handbook. If needed, the Executive Director will provide assistance in understanding the policies.

• Parents must sign a contract between themselves and the Centre indicating that they will abide by all of the outlined policies and fee schedule.

• A child will not be provided childcare space until all fees have been paid including:

                             1) Registration fee

                             2) First and last month’s fees

                             3) All postdated cheques

  • Parents who have a child with an anaphylactic allergy must attend an EpiPen Injection Training Session in June or as required.

One-Time Registration Fee

A one-time registration fee is required for each child accepted into a program.  This fee is $50 for the first child and $30 for each additional child.

Withdrawal Program Notice

Any parent may withdraw their child/children from the Centre upon two month’s written notice to the Executive Director. A refund will only be paid in the event that the Board of Directors deems that there are extenuating circumstances pertaining to the withdrawal. Upon withdrawal from your child’s program, you may request to go on a waitlist, however your name will be put at the bottom of the list.


Entrance into DCCC for spaces that become available in an individual program is based on a waitlist that is established through our website registration process at The waitlists are based on a first-come-first-serve basis as we receive the registration forms with the exception of priority groups. It will also be based on the availability of spaces and a balanced number of age groups. Parents will be encouraged to outline their first and second program choice as well as inform us if they would be flexible and take any program, i.e., full-time or part-time.

There is no waitlist fee.

NOTE: Your Preschool child must turn 2.5 years old during the school year in order to be eligible for the waitlist of that year.

The following programs are operating at the Centre; all programs run from Monday to Friday:

  • #1 Full-time Preschool
  • Preschool 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
  • Before & After-school Kindergarten (one package)
  • #1 School Age before-school and/or #2 School Age after-school
  • #3 Preschool Part-time 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. or 11:15 – 3:30 p.m. (program currently not offered)

Priority Groups

Spots become available to persons on the waitlist only after the following priority groups have been admitted:

I.        Returning children currently attending DCCC are given priority for program selection, if spots are available in that program.

II.       Siblings of those children currently attending DCCC. 

III.      Children who reside in the TDSB Denlow Public School Attendance area district.

When spaces are full, a waitlist will be formed based on the above priorities and the child`s registration date (d/m/y).

Note: Out-of-district families may be approved for entrance into the Denlow Public School under the following considerations:

  • The child is registered in the full-time childcare program.
  • The child will continue attending childcare in the Before and/or After School Program.

NOTE: We do not contact families to confirm that we have received your Registration Form for the wait list. It is the responsibility of families to contact the Centre in order to ensure that we have received your downloaded form. It is the parent’s responsibility to inform the childcare in writing in January of each year if they want their child’s name transferred to the following years wait list. A new/updated Registration Form must be downloaded and submitted from our website.

Subsidy Enrolment Deposit Policy

Subsidized families will pay a onetime $50.00 Registration Fee prior to the Registration date which is non-refundable. A deposit of 50% of the first monthly Child Care fee will be required prior to the Registration date and held in trust until the Subsidy amount has been approved (in writing) by the City. The deposit will be refunded when the child is enrolled and begins the program. If the family withdraws from the program before the child starts the program, the deposit will not be refunded.

Contact Procedure

When a space becomes available and your child’s name is next on the waitlist, we will contact you via the email address on the form. If the parent does not respond to the email message within 48 hours to confirm that they want the space, we will remove their name from the list and go to the next family on the list.

Initial Orientation Visit

When a space becomes available the family will be contacted from the waitlist and asked to come in for a tour and an initial interview.  The staff will use this opportunity to meet the child and gather information that is pertinent to the childcare program. The Executive Director will review our Parent Handbook containing information regarding our Program, Policies and Procedures.  

During this meeting it is the responsibility of the parent to inform the Director or Designated Staff member that the child has an identified special need. The staff will gather all required information from the parent and may contact our Special Needs Consultant to ensure that the child’s needs can be accommodated in our program. 

If after meeting with the family, and consulting with the Special Needs Consultant and the Board of Directors it is determined that Denlow Community Child Care may not be the best option for the child, DCCC will make every effort to assist the parent in finding a suitable alternative.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Denlow Community Child Care must maintain the Privacy and Confidentiality of all families and children on our Wait Lists. If you wish to confirm your status on the waitlist, you must contact the Executive Director by telephone. Please understand that the sequence on the waitlist my change from time to time and year to year according to the Priority List.

The Board of Director and Executive Director of the Centre reserves the right to modify or amend this Policy according to the needs of the Community, financial and/or program status of the Centre, or any unforeseen circumstances/requirements of the TDSB, Denlow Public School or Denlow Community Child Care.

Revised Feb 2022