“You help make my child’s world and the lives of all of the children in your classroom brighter and happier. You patiently provide them with seeds of knowledge and show such warm compassion. Thank you.” 

“I would rate this center as excellent. The courtesy and pleasant manner of the staff this year and the respectful way in which they treat the children in their care have been outstanding.” 

“As a token of appreciation, we wish to express our everlasting gratitude for the last four years of having our child as part of child care. She grew and learned a lot in so many ways that I know she will always cherish her memories and years with all and every one of you for years to come. The ceremony at the picnic was wonderful and we are especially grateful that you took the time and effort to make her and every child feel special! Thank you so much!”

“Thank you for providing such great care! My child is happy – he loves going to child care because of you. He has a special bond with everyone, which makes him feel very comfortable. That is so important to us.” 

“The School Age Program is very innovative e.g. carpentry, crafts and projects. Never a boring moment! Always up to date on festivals, cultural celebrations. A very well thought out program! Keep up the good work!”

“All of the staff are very nice and knowledgeable. My daughter is very comfortable with all staff and I truly appreciate all of their efforts to make the child care a pleasant place for my child who spends most of her valuable time there. Thank you!” 

“My child has thrived at Denlow Community Child Care over the last 2 years. She has amazed me with her knowledge of both letters and numbers. The program has fostered her love of reading, counting and socializing through fabulous programming. Thank you for your kindness, patience, nurturing and wisdom!” 

“Thank you for taking such good care of my children and giving them a loving, caring, warm, nurturing and exciting environment.”

“My child’s knowledge about music, sports or even fundamental science increased significantly. Now we have to answer her many questions and try to satisfy her curiosity.” 

“I love the fact that my child truly believes that learning is fun. She learned this in the Child Care, just as her older sister did. They will both have this love of learning for the rest of their lives. The setup is great with crafts, dramatic area, library, zoo animals and classroom circle area for more formal teaching. Thank you!” 

“As I have said before over the past 4 years, Denlow Child Care is the safest and one of the most educational places that I would like my kids to attend. The staff are so great and wonderful, and I cannot thank them enough for such wonderful care and education! Thank you all!” 

“Many thanks to every teacher at the child care centre. Thank you for dedicating your time, your talent and your warm heart to every child in this child care. We really appreciate what you are doing!” 

“Our child loves coming to school every day! The staff are thoughtful and nurturing. He has learned so much this year! We’re so very appreciative that his first experience at school was a positive one.” 

“We love the special programs that have been added to the School Age Program (woodworking, sports etc.) to the already existing arts, crafts, outdoor/indoor play. The afternoon program allows our child to release her stress from the day and just have fun!”

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