Why My Buyer’s Offers
Are Accepted
Can’t find your dream home?
Let me find it for you. Door knocking and networking is part of my strategic plan to find you the perfect home.

Letter to the Seller
Enhance your offer with a personalized letter. Captivate them with your love for their home and the commitment you have to making the transaction quick and easy.

Letter to the Agent
I will let the listing agent know that we look forward to working with them. Getting the listing agent excited is the key to having your offer presented with importance.

Pre-Approval Letter
Let the seller know that your intention to buy their home is immediate by getting qualified by a reputable lender.

Proof of Funds
Show seller that your bank account is capable of handling the down payment, closing costs plus 2 months of mortgage payments.

Paycheck Stubs
Let the seller know that you have a stable job with accumulative yearly earnings.

Credit Report & Scores
Be upfront about your credit worthiness. If your credit isn’t great, explain why and what you’re doing to recover it in your letter to the seller.

Do you have a degree or any other document that allows you to relay your level of dedication to the seller? People want to sell their home to a motivated and qualified individual.

Copy of Check
Enlarged copy of your earnest money deposit, accentuating the money you are willing to wire once escrow opens in order to secure your commitment to purchase.

Buyer Broker Agreement
I’ll show the seller how serious you are by including your buyer broker agreement with your agent. Not only will they see that you mean business, but that you have a strong, communicative relationship with me.

Ask the Agent How They Want Your Offer Written
Your best shot at having your offer accepted without a counter is to check all right boxes in the first place.

Typed Offer
Often, agents receive offers in the form of illegible faxes or poorly scanned attachments. On a property with multiple offers, these offers stand little chance of being chosen.

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