Program Philosophy


Strong emphasis is placed on individual and small group learning experiences, utilizing to the fullest extent, the child’s natural means of learning through play. Daily activities based upon a combination of thought and action offers the children a variety of choices from which to select. These activities are designed to promote satisfaction and success while at the same time promoting problem solving skills and a positive feeling of achievement. Our Registered Early Childhood Educators are trained to pick up on the children’s cues and integrate their individual interests into the daily program plans.

Staff members at DCCC are flexible and responsive to the needs of the individual child. Opportunities are provided for children to develop social skills of cooperation and sharing. They are further encouraged to discuss and to participate in activities in the world around them, including their home and cultural background, school and the community.

We believe that the best form of discipline is self-regulation. Children learn positive work habits and independence through working within clearly established boundaries and consistent positive encouragement. A healthy self-image is nurtured through a relaxed, supportive climate where each child is respected and valued as an individual.

We encourage and support ongoing communication and participation between the staff and our families. We feel that parents and teachers need to share pertinent information about their child/children in order to provide a consistency that children need for healthy happy experiences. We strive to create a link where the program is an extension of both the home and the community.

Our staff review and update our Program Plans on a continuous basis in order to ensure that the centre meets all requirements as outlined in the City of Toronto Operating Criteria and the Ministry of Educations ELECT (Early Learning for Every Child Today).

Observations and Reports:
During the school year, the children’s play activities are observed and documented daily by our staff. Our observations aid us in two ways. One is to shape our program based on the individual child’s needs. The other is to help us communicate to the parents how we feel each child is developing and progressing in our setting. Parents will receive a fall and spring report outlining their child’s progress.