All of our Full Time Pre School and Junior Kindergarten children are provided with a hot, nutritious lunch and three snacks daily. Our fantastic Caterers, Real Food for Real Kids ensures that all meals and snacks meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education and the Canada Food Guide. Menus are sent home and posted on the parent bulletin board.

Our caterers are very flexible and accommodating, making special individual dietary needs possible. Mealtime is arranged to promote a relaxing and social atmosphere. Children are encouraged to serve themselves, demonstrate positive table manners, clear their place and try different foods. School age and Kindergarten After School children are served a delicious and nutritious afternoon snack. We work closely with our caterer’s, in order to ensure that all food choices are fresh whole foods that are low in sodium and sugar. Fruits and vegetables are served daily.


Please notify staff if your child has any food allergies, or is on a special diet so that suitable arrangements can be made. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s eating habits at the centre, please let us know and we will monitor what your child is eating on a daily basis.

We make every effort to maintain a peanut free environment and will NOT ALLOW any homemade food products into the centre.

We do celebrate Birthdays however ensure that cupcakes or birthday cakes come from a nut free bakery and/or are clearly labeled as nut free.