Junior Kindergarten Program

Attending Junior Kindergarten in the Public School system is NOT MANDATORY.  You may choose to enroll your child into our Junior Kindergarten Program. Your child will benefit and thrive in a program that offers excellent Teacher/Child Ratios, one on one daily guidance and support, literacy, math, music and drama activities as well as hot, nutritious lunches. Along with educating and nurturing your child, his/her safety and wellbeing is our utmost priority. You may choose a full time or part-time option.

Our Kindergarten Program complements Best Practices as outlined by the Ministry of Education including Early Learning for Every Child Today, (ELECT) and the City of Toronto’s Operating Criteria.

It is based on the same philosophy as the Pre School/Nursery School programs with the addition of enrichment projects created to enhance learning through exploration, experimentation, problem solving and group discussions. Individual positive self-esteem and confidence is promoted through small group activities that foster success.

Language and Literacy is a strong component to our Kindergarten Program. Along with daily reading, storytelling, letter and word recognition, every child will have the opportunity weekly to work on and complete their individual printing work books and daily journals.

Parents will receive a fall and spring report outlining their child’s progress which includes all areas of their development:

– Large and Fine Motor Development
– Social/Emotional
– Cognitive Skills
– Computer Skills
– Music and Movement
– Organized Group Activities and Work Habits
– Self Help Skills/Routines
– Language/Communication Development