School Age Program

The School Age program is for children who are entering grade one to those leaving grade five. The program runs in the morning from 7:30 – 9:05 a.m. and after school from 3:40 – 6:00 p.m.

The main emphasis in the School Age program is to:

• Provide an inclusive program that respects individual abilities, needs and strengths
• Provide learning areas and activities that include Sensory/Art, Language/Listening, Dramatic Play, Construction/Block Building, Cognitive/Manipulative Play, Science and Nature experiences, Physical Activity/Active Play
• Provide a language-rich environment that encourages communication through positive interactions.
• Develop children’s self-esteem by ensuring that they feel valued and cared for as individuals
• Provide the children with choices in their leisure activities, such as sports, games, projects, and social interactions with peers and adults.
• To give children the opportunity to be creative, imaginative, and to feel productive.
• To provide a supportive environment in which children can develop their skills, talents, and interests.

The School Age program provides a “home away from home” within an atmosphere designed to enhance knowledge while providing a safe and fun environment.

• Nutritious snacks are catered daily
• Teachers are readily available to assist children with their homework
• Children will participate in regular sports activities and games in the gym and play yard
• Children will participate in daily arts and crafts activities and projects

The program promotes independence, responsibility and leadership skills.

• The children set rules and consequences together and are encouraged to help one another follow through with them.
• The staff and the children together plan structured activities and events monthly. The children are encouraged to spend time exploring all materials offered in the room and choose activities of interest.
• The intent is to provide an educational yet stimulating environment with a flexibility that encourages the children to make choices and participate in the planning of their daily activities. Enrichment activities are also provided through outside agencies such as Super Science, Reptilia, Wood Working, Scrapbooking, Sportplay, etc.